Demo Release: Version 0.9.0
Posted by DetoNato at 12:46 PM on Saturday, July 18, 2009

Finally the latest update for The Power of Hightech Warfare is done. But there is bad news I have to tell you with this update... Well, first of all I will start with the good news:

Demo Version 0.9.0 (OPEN BETA FINAL)

Since I announced that we were continuing our work we've changed a lot, and have especially optimized the gameplay. Below you can find a list of the major changes, compared to Version 0.8.0:

  • The construction yard build system is now removed for better performance (you are building with dozers / workers / drones again).
  • Many major bugs are now fixed that caused crashes.
  • Navy War game mode is optimized.
  • Headhunter game mode is optimized.
  • Bugs in the outpost mode are now fixed. This base mode is optimized as well.
  • The USA now has a counterpart unit to the Heavy Gunner on the Pandora Forces side: the American Overlord can be upgraded with an Avenger-, Paladin tank- or Tomahawk turret and has a Point Defense laser.
  • New commanding unit for the Pandora Forces (the old one has been replaced).
  • Commanding units for the No-Base mode.
  • Many new icons.
  • You don't need to place units in the Headhunter and No-Base modes now. Instead the ordered units are automatically delivered within a specific range. This feature speeds up the gameplay and the operation will be much easier without the building range.
  • Instead of the hero Sattania you now have the female robot Allen on the Pandoras side.
  • Ore Transformer added.
  • The test faction from v0.8.0 - which shouldn't be in the game - is now removed.
  • New EVA voices for the Pandoras.
  • New transformation sound for the Siege Tank.
  • Hunter takeoff sound and effects added.
  • Wormhole general ability has been reworked.

Please note that the installer may pause for a few seconds or minutes, but it will continue the installation. So don't worry. ;)

Screenshots (click to view in full size):

<< THIS >> will may help you to set the game modes.

And a small extra for your:
Wallpaper 1 1024x768
Wallpaper 2 1024x768
Wallpaper 3 1024x768
Wallpaper 4 1024x768
Wallpaper 5 1024x768
Please note: I only take credits for positioning the model!

And now to the bad news I announced above:

This is the last version of TPoHW for Zero Hour, since we want to close this chapter once and for all to focus on more important things for which we otherwise have not had enough time. We fixed the most important bugs and some balancing stuff as well: we optimized the gameplay and added most of the button images. So we hope that you still have some fun with this last version of the mod. A big thanks goes to team and to everyone who supported this project as well! Also I have to thank all the fans of this mod! It was a long, exciting and quite a bit stressful time.

With this I'm saying good bye to the Generals / Zero Hour Modding-Community.

Your TPoHW-Team
TPoHW News Update 01.02.2009
Posted by DetoNato at 11:38 PM on Wednesday, February 4, 2009
TPoHW News Update 01.02.2009

After a long pause we are back with The Power of Hightech Warfare: instead of working on the C&C3 version we decided to complete our work for Zero Hour. After month of work we fixed a lot of bugs, missings and balancing problems and we optimized the game play as well. Also we made a lot of new models and animations.

One of important changes are on the side of the Pandora Forces: Instead of Sattania the mechanic lifeforms will send the female robot hero Allen to the battle field which burns down her enemies with her Plasma Flare-Gun!

Another change we made is the building system: we removed the construction yard system 'cause it costs a lot of performance.


<< TPoHW Release: Version 0.8.0 >>
Posted by DetoNato at 11:38 PM on Monday, September 3, 2007

Since the Mod SDK is out TPoHW will be created for the new version of the SAGE engine. This means for Demo of the TPoHW Mod that we finish the work for this mod. So the version 0.8.0 will be the last one for C&C Generals Zero Hour.

The Power of Hightech Warfare

Taste of Destruction Version 0.8.0

<< Download >>


  • Old-School buildsystem
  • Sidebar interface
  • 11 Soundtracks each of TD, RA1, TS und RA2
  • Many different gametypes (Skirmish, AOD, Navy War, Headhunter)
  • Subgame types for Skirmish (Skirmish-Classic, Skirmish-TPoHW, Infantry War, World Power)
  • 4 Base modes (Fortress, normal base, Outpost, "No base")
  • 1 new faction (Pandora Forces)
  • Improved US-Army
  • German and English language support (most of the texts and voices)
  • Sound- and Particle effects you may have never seen before in ZH

Furthermore the installer installs a ZHAI.big where the scripts of ZH (1.04) are contained. This .big will not be removed after you unistalled the mod. After that you can install and uninstall ZH mods without making a backup of the ZH scripts.

Please note that this Demo is still in open beta progress. So the contents are done by about 80%.

December Update
Posted by DetoNato at 11:00AM on Thursday, December 28, 2006
Today we would like to show you 6 new screenshots and, this time, even 2 new renders. Screenshot #1 shows the new super weapon, the Pandora-Cannon, in action. Screenshot #2 shows its devastation. Screenshots #3 and #4 show the fortress wall's Plasma Cannons, while the last two screenshots feature the fortress gun tower and the American fortress bunker. The two renders present the Ramjet Tank and the Omega Soldier, which is a boss renegade like the Boss Core Defender. 

Furthermore, the demo will no longer include the dozer building system for the two main factions. This means that you will build up your base like old C&C's - via construction yards. Also we decided to let the normal ZH factions and generals stay in the demo, since we want to enable fun skirmish games and to get our AOD working with the mod. ;)

Finally, the demo's official subtitle has been announced: The Power of High-Tech Warfare: Taste of Destruction
Interview with C&C Files
Posted by Mike at 4:30PM on Wednesday, December 13, 2006
The Power of High-Tech Warfare mod leader, DetoNato, has been interviewed by Command & Conquer Files. The interview includes some new information about TPoHW and exclusive screenshots! Here's a clip from the interview:

Mr.Funsocks: Can you tell us a little bit more about "fortress mode" and the new ability "lance strike"?

Detonato: TPoHW has 4 base modes. Each of them significantly changes the game play. "Fortress mode" is great if you would like to play long games. It is also great for beginners 'cause the wall avoids all rushes for the first minutes in the game. Just upgrade a wall segment to a sentry gun or bunker and the enemy has to retreat. This doesn't mean that you can't destroy the wall, however — strong units like "renegades" or "boss renegades" can create large gaps in your defences. "Boss renegade" is the point where I transition to the lance strike. If you saw the trailer, the unit in the animated render is the Boss Core defender. The Boss Core defender can throw his lances. If the lances hit the ground, the green glowing energy cores change the weather. Enemies must then destroy the lances as fast as they can, in order to quickly force them back into outer space.

Be sure to check out the full interview!
November Update
Posted by DetoNato at 11:20PM on Monday, November 27, 2006
The first pictures of the TPoHW Fortress mode have been released in the gallery. As the name implies, you build a fortress in this game type. A Citadel and a wall will be built when the game starts. In this game mode, a rush in the first minutes of the game is almost impossible because units can be destroyed at the wall easily. Be warned: your enemy is able to upgrade this wall with turrents and units for further defense. A player loses the game once his Citadel is destroyed: protect this structure - at all costs!

Furthermore, the Lance Strike is now complete. The new lightning effects can be seen in the gallery as well.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that we're still looking for experienced people to help us on the mod. Click here to see what positions are available.

And of course, we'd be glad if you'd vote for us in the MOTY 2006 Award on Thanks in advance for your vote!

Mod DB Mod Of The Year Awards
Posted by Mike at 12:20PM on Monday, November 20, 2006
It's that time of the year! The Mod DB Mod of the Year awards are back!
Vote in the Mod of the Year Awards
Vote for The Power of High-Tech Warfare in this year's Mod of the Year Awards!
Website Officially Launched
Posted by Mike at 1:30PM on Sunday, October 29, 2006
Welcome to the official website for The Power of High-Tech Warfare, a Total Conversion mod hosted by Generals World and slated to be released after Command & Conquer 3. The mod will run on the improved Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars game engine and will combine classic C&C gameplay with a new thick, complex story and fantasy game world.

» The first official trailer has been released! View it here!

The first chapter of the mod begins with the arrival of a cybernetic life form that had traveled into the past from the future. For thousands of years it has been sleeping to regenerate from a war and to strengthen itself. In 2022 the humans discovered its strange technology. Hungry for power, they are stealing part of the Pandora-Technology without consideration. Angered, the cybernetic creature starts hunting the humans. It is the beginning of a brutal fight to avoid total annihilation. The question is: Can the humans avoid the apocalypse?

More details about the storyline can be found on the Story page. And of course, you'll want to check out the Screenshots Gallery for glimpses of some amazing superweapons and exciting new technologies. If you're interested in learning more about TPoHW, be sure to check out the mod's discussion forum!